miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2014

On the way to the FAMOS School and Workshop

Here I am. It’s 6:31 am, and I’m on the way to Bremen airport to take my first flight to Frankfurt, and then FRaNKFuRT-BoSToN. Honestly, I’m excited-nervous. This will be my first time in USA. I’m going to the FAMOS school and workshop. FAMOS is the acronym for Forum for ArcticModelling & Observational Synthesis, and it has become a very important meeting for Arctic Ocean climate.

Tomorrow, the FAMOS School starts. Although I’m not a PhD student, I wanted to attend because the school consists of a series of one-hour lectures given by very good and reputed Arctic Ocean researchers. So, simply I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to listen all of them. On Wednesday, the workshop starts with just a few talks in each topic, but with long time for discussion and poster sessions until Friday when the workshop ends.

lunes, 1 de septiembre de 2014

Meeting with an old friend

Where I was? What was I doing? Perhaps, a cruise in the Arctic? Perhaps, conferences, meetings? No, that was not the case. It was something much more exciting: I was on maternity leave until mid-June, and that is a time to enjoy with your baby, and simply do nothing else. I could tell you thousands of things about it, but for that there are marvelous maternity blogs. After that, I was quite busy starting to work again, but on the top of that, honestly, I didn’t feel inspired to write in the blog. You can be thinking: ‘Really? Do you need any kind of inspiration to write a science blog?’ And, you’re right in some sense. Science is not art, but still. I’m convinced that I do better Science when I feel inspired, or let’s say really motivated.

¿Dónde he estado y qué he estado haciendo? ¿Quizá una campana en el Ártico? ¿Quizá, conferencias, reuniones? Pues no. Ha sido algo mucho mejor que todo eso: He estado de baja maternal hasta mediados de Junio, y no me he planteado hacer nada más que disfrutar del tiempo con mi hijo. Os podría contar miles de cosas sobre ello, pero para eso hay cientos de blogs maravillosos sobre maternidad. Después, he estado muy ocupada incorporándome al trabajo, pero sobretodo, la verdad, es que no me he encontrado con ganas de escribir en el blog. Podéis pensar: ‘¿De verdad? ¿Hace falta inspiración para escribir un blog sobre ciencia?’ Y en parte no os falta razón. La Ciencia no es arte, pero aun así. Estoy convencida de que hago mejor mi trabajo, que al final es sobre lo que escribo, cuando estoy inspirada, o dejémoslo en muy motivada.