miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2014

On the way to the FAMOS School and Workshop

Here I am. It’s 6:31 am, and I’m on the way to Bremen airport to take my first flight to Frankfurt, and then FRaNKFuRT-BoSToN. Honestly, I’m excited-nervous. This will be my first time in USA. I’m going to the FAMOS school and workshop. FAMOS is the acronym for Forum for ArcticModelling & Observational Synthesis, and it has become a very important meeting for Arctic Ocean climate.

Tomorrow, the FAMOS School starts. Although I’m not a PhD student, I wanted to attend because the school consists of a series of one-hour lectures given by very good and reputed Arctic Ocean researchers. So, simply I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to listen all of them. On Wednesday, the workshop starts with just a few talks in each topic, but with long time for discussion and poster sessions until Friday when the workshop ends.