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1. From marsanges: What is the importance of the Nordic Seas and Arctic Ocean (ocean area north of Iceland) in the Meridional Overturning circulation?

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  1. Oh -- only now I see that you really made this section!! Thanks a lot!

    In terms of questions, we all watch the northern winter wondering whether anyone can understand what is going to happen there. We have been through the absurd 2012 ice minimum and everyone of the good-faith internet citizenry thinks that all is happening much faster than the modelers (CMIP3/5) were saying it would. My question would be, how can the Barents Sea not form ice, even though it is going through the same polar night as other parts of the northern seas? It is Christmas Eve and there is no ice at 82 deg N near Frants Josef Land. Will eventually be the whole arctic Basin be like that? What controls whether or not this "atlantic" behaviour eats north into the ice?

    Another question. I have seen these funny plots, of "potential temperature" versus salinity. I would be very grateful if you could at some time write a post about them, explaining what people can read off them. They seem to plot various water masses on them and draw conclusions but I saw nowhere just a simple layman introduction into how to use them ...

    thank you I hope you don´t mind!


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